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I really got into vests. There are so many different options. The military green vest, the fur vest, the denim vest, the coat vest… For me, I prefer the more dressy ones but I also encourage having a casual one (but not a North face vest!! Please!! ) since we are living in san Francisco and layers are kind of mandatory.

Let me show you on me my full-length vest. And please notice how I am in a model pose…


Here are a couple of outfit ideas that inspire me.
lily3courtesy of instyle

lily4courtesy of bedazelive

lilihenrystylist1Courtesy of Romwe

lilihenrystylist2Courtesy of Popsugar

lilihenrystylist3Courtesy of Bedazelive


I love this season. Days are longer, terraces pop up in the city, we begin to plan our summer vacations…Spring also means changing our wardrobe and putting away our coats, boots, and all our winter gear. In other words, Spring closet clean out!!

It’s a part of my job to help clients with this crucial task. It can be very overwhelming to go through your entire wardrobe but I promise, it feels soooo good when your closet is tidy and all of your unnecessary clothes are gone. As a stylist, I bring knowledge and expertise in helping identify what you should keep for your future image, all according to your body type. I try to make the process as smooth and fun as possible.


Here are a few tips I use when cleaning out a closet.

First, put all your clothes on the floor because once everything is out you will have to tidy. I know, I know, this is harsh but this the best way to force yourself to get it done.

After that pick up each piece of clothing one after the other and ask yourself:

  • Does it fit?
  • If it is damaged or stained will I take the time to repair it?
  • Have you worn it during the last year?
  • And the most important one is do you feel CONFIDENT when wearing it?

If you answer no to one of these questions, you know what to do….

Bonne chance mon amie!


First things first, grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. I want you to feel comfy.

I am excited that you are here because it means that you like, or even love, fashion. Great, we already have something in common…

Now a little bit about me. I am Aurelie, but everyone calls me Lili. I am from a beautiful beach town called Biarritz in the south of France.


From a young age, I have always been interested in style and clothes. I remember going through fashion magazines and dreaming of going to the same places where the models would shoot. Growing up in the south, magazines were my way to escape from my small town.

Since then, fashion was always by my side, never leaving me, reminding me through different jobs how much I love it. I am happy that, somehow, my professional experience put me into this world and made me realize that styling people was really my thing.

Fast forward, I am here, in San Francisco, where I decided to fully launch myself as a fashion stylist. The experience has been amazing so far. I love to help men and women with their images and wardrobes.

This blog will be the extension of my work and me. I will share with you my projects, my thoughts, some fashion tips and so on…

I am thrilled to start this online diary and I hope you will feel like home here!