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Ah, the trench coat…. Where to start?

From my point of view it is a piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The trench coat is chic but modern and there are so many different ones that it is impossible to not find one that will fit you.

Let s first start with a little bit of history because why not?

The trench coat was created during the First World War by Mr Thomas Burberry who invented the gabardine drill, a water resistant fabric and submitted a design for an army officer’s raincoat.

Source: Fahionrogueogue

The trench coat successfully transitioned from War time garb to the modern day attire thanks to the golden age of Hollywood, where we could see the iconic coat worn by private detectives, powerful businessmen and femme fatales. It became a fashion classic with an aura that still exists today given the fact that current designers are reinventing it with different fabrics, colors and cuts.
At this point do you understand why you NEED a trench coat? 🙂

But which one to choose…Ok, Let’s look at our options.

Colors: if you are shopping for your first one, I would say to keep it simple. Beige. But which shade of beige? Well, you don’t want to pick one that is close to your complexion. In other words, if you have more of a dark skin tone and dark hair you should pick a lighter beige – if you are more pale, pick a darker beige.

Length: Here is the tricky part. It comes in different lengths. So which one to pick?

Let’s recap.

The regular length of a trench coat will be below your hip, at mid thigh. That goes for almost everyone.

If you are more petite, I would stick with one that sits on your hips so that you will look leaner and taller. However if you are also curvy I would go with a regular length, otherwise you will look curvier.

If you are tall you can definitely go with the regular length or the one that goes below your knees. You will want to stay away from the short length because it will not look proportionate on you.

So at this point you should know which length to pick…right? I promise it is not that difficult.

The next step is how to wear it?

If you want to close it and use the belt, make a knot with it.

Source : fashiontag

If you don’t want to button it and keep it opened, I would make a knot behind your back with your belt or take it off completely.

Source: wendylookbook

The great thing about the trench coat is that you can wear it with pants, dresses, skirts, jeans, rompers and even shorts for the fashion experts out there. A fashion no-no is wearing baggy clothes underneath. If you go for a skirt or a dress, they should be shorter than your trench coat. The fun part is that you can experiment different styles with it… causal, sexy, professional… So have fun playing with your trench!

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