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Dazed and Confused, November 2013. 50s Housewives becoming zombies .


Halloween is around the corner. I am not sure if I am into it or not (we normally don’t celebrate it in France) but something that I know is when it is time to find a costume, I am running around like crazy at the last minute and I will spend a fortune on it. Also, trying to find something not too sexy ( Every, and I mean EVERY costume has a racy look… You can be a nurse, a Cleopatra, a cow-girl, a bee… you will have an extra mini skirt on…)  is mission impossible. I have nothing against being sexy but more in a subtle way for me (You will see my outfit idea below hehe).

This year, I will try to create a costume with my wardrobe or buy some clothes and accessories that I can easily re-wear later. Not sure yet what I want to be, but I thought that a catwoman attire could be an easy one to achieve. Full leather look, a mask, some kitty ears headband and here you go!

What will be yours?


catwoman outfit idea

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 7.09.43 PM

Tibi Nora ankle boots –  Roksanda Izumi crepe midi dress – Givenchy Small Antigona bag  – Cédric Charlier Asymmetric crepe turtleneck top. Source:

In Fashion, I truly believe that some rules need to be followed and others need to be broken. Ultimately, I will always say to my clients to trust their gut. When they are looking at themselves in the mirror, if they think they look amazing, go for it! Style is a matter of confidence that you have about your image.

I am sure you heard about the fashion rule saying that wearing navy blue and black together is a “no-no” … but for me it is a “oui oui”!!

To look on point with your navy blue – black outfit combo, don’t hesitate to mix different textures so it gives more dimension to your look.

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