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fall-fashion-editorialAaaaaahh November… It is such a weird month for me. Every time I think ” What? Already!! the year is almost gone, Christmas shopping will start soon, I did not do all the things that I wanted ( we have to talk about this resolution list that most of us create every new year… seriously. Another post. But seriously.)

With Thanksgiving, November is also the perfect time to reminisce about our almost done year and be thankful. I am sure we all had our ups and downs but there is always something or someone to be grateful for.

2016 was a pretty hectic year for me with my wedding that happened in France, our extended travels (13 countries this year! Let’s try to beat that record one day), my business venture… Even if it was sometimes pretty intense and stressful, I am thankful that I had the chance to experience so many different things, cultures and meet new people.

When thinking about 2016, you got also to think about you. I feel like being in harmony with yourself is about accepting you, your body and your image. I have had the chance to work with amazing clients this year and they taught me something. TAKE ACTION.  They hired me for different reasons but they got one common goal. Feeling good about their image.

So wherever you are at with your life, take action. Make the first step. Start, try, reinvent, make, do, create. It feels so good. This year I tried. I got scared but I tried and I put myself out of my confort zone. Life is about new experiences. So jump in it!

2016 adventures