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Winter fashion

Colder weather and style are not necessarily best friends and layering pieces can be tricky to play with when it is too cold outside…But winter can also be a great time to play with different chunky fabrics and create new ways to work with your current wardrobe and make it cold weather proof.   Here are the ones that I think are stylish and will keep you warm when it is colder outside.

Oversized wool scarf aka the blanket scarf

oversized scarfoversized scarf

oversized scarf

Faux fur vest

faux fur vest faux fur vest faux fur vest

Long cardigan

long cardigan long cardigan

Belt it to make it more form fitting.

long cardigan

I hope this selection will inspire you to add some stylish layering pieces in your wardrobe!



new year new you

First of all, Happy New Year! May 2017 be full of surprises and adventures.

With the new year come new resolutions. I hope you will keep them if you have any. As for me I will frankly not even think about specific resolutions because I feel like it is another way to put pressure on myself. For me, resolution is a synonym for grand changes that I will never maintain. I believe more in the process of looking back at the last year to see what can be improved. Of course I want to be a better person, but since I am not good at making drastic changes I will try to just lead a more balanced life. The U.S (or California?) has made me want to take care of myself more, I feel like a little Gwyneth Paltrow (=queen of wellness) is growing in me!

I started my job because I love to help, give to people and of course I love fashion. I know I am only dealing with clothes but they are actually so much more. It is how you present yourself within your professional and social life. Image is underrated. How you look can either bring you confidence or make you feel uncomfortable. Appearance is not the most important thing and I agree we should not judge a person only based on that but unfortunately people will make a first opinion based on it. So the new year is a chance to have a fresh start. Look at your wardrobe, and see if you are satisfied. Do you like what you see? If not, clean out, trash and donate! And take yourself out for some shopping to have a new wardrobe according to the style and image you want to have because you are worth every penny!

If it sounds overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, well, I can help you 🙂

Happy New Year, Happy New You, and let’s rock this year!