Monthly Archives: February 2017

I got to say, with valentine’s day around the corner it made me think that even if we are in a relationship or not, every woman should feel sexy and I would say, pretty often.

Feeling sexy is very personal and it will be defined differently from one person to another. It can be subtle or not, at the end, if when you are looking at the mirror you feel sexy and empowered, go for it.

Details in the clothes, lipstick, necklaces going under a garment, high heels, hair moving…a lot can be seen as sexy as long as you believe in it.

Sexy can be hard if you are not 100% sure about yourself. I did not know how to be sexy. I did not know how to embrace it. I felt ridiculous sometimes trying. The solution I found was in taking baby steps. And getting the right attitude and dare it. And Believing in it. ┬áSo I tried many things….high heels, pencil skirts, deep V- necks, red lipstick… and I found what I liked and confident with.

This is how I envision being sexy.

So spice up your outfit and be confidently provocative!