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Short flight:  Prada PurseRosetta Getty CardiganCitizens Jeans        Medium flight: Crop SweaterTopshop Pants–              Sole Society duffle Bag      Long flight: Sacai CardiganLounge Pants –  Ted baker Suitcase


Comfort does not have to mean we have to rule out being chic and stylish. As a stylist, I have had clients who travel extensively for their work and ask me to find them elegant travel outfits. Depending on the length of the flight you will want to wear different types of clothing. For instance, I don’t mind wearing comfortable jeans for a short flight but I’d  rather be in larger pants or even wear loungewear if I have to sit for hours.

One might say that it does not matter how you look when you get on a plane but you never know… maybe you will be seated to your future clients, husband or business partner… Make the right first impression (and thank me later!)



If you read this, I wish you a Happy New Year. I hope that 2018 will be full of kindness and hope. 

The other day, my husband asked me what were my resolutions for the new year. Well, I came to realize that I am not good with resolutions. I feel I put unnecessary pressure on myself. Nowadays, I see women seemingly juggling everything at once, trying to be the best at all of it, where failure cannot be acceptable. I am lucky to have amazing (super)women as clients (and men of course) and thrilled to be here to take the shopping and image pressure off their plate.  Resolutions? Not for me because it means we add more pressure to our life, but small changes, yes.

Talking about small changes, over the years, I have been more and more appreciative of the Californian lifestyle (no, I am not going to start juicing FYI) and have decided to let go of some of my bad french diet rules (bread, cheese, charcuterie every day? yes… I was a little bit stubborn about it). 

The problem is I also picked up some bad american habits, aka take out.  I used to cook, but have become a bit lazy over the years. 

I am also in my 30’s which means I can’t put all the food I want in my body and process it as easily as I used to in my 20’s.

So no drastic resolutions this year but hopefully a healthier lifestyle that will work for me. I am trying out a more mediterranean diet which means not really any restrictions but some adjustments (and it allows red wine!).

Work-wise, as a stylist, helping my clients with their style and wardrobe is my job. But for 2018 I want to introduce more ways to support them so they can focus on what’s really important for them and let me handle the hassle of maintaining an up to date wardrobe. I can’t wait to roll out new services.

Whether you decided to have new resolutions or not, I wish you a happy, balanced and healthy year!