Veronica Olivolo


Veronica Olivolo thrives on making women feel proud and confident in their everyday lives. She sees style as a way to express one’s true self.

Raised in such a diverse generation, Veronica honed her work with all types of people and styles and considers herself a woman of all fashion.  It was red-carpet stylist Rachel Zoe—with her passion for making her famous clients look and feel radiant—who first inspired Veronica to join the world of fashion. Veronica has since emulated Zoe’s ambitions, further committing herself to making her clients feel amazing every day, not just on special occasions. 

As a business-thinking woman, Veronica pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing as her first step toward becoming a stylist. After arriving in San Francisco, Veronica began working for her dream company, Nordstrom. While there, she became deeply immersed in the San Francisco fashion culture, including how to drill down on customer preferences and expectations of style and identify what works best for each individual. She studied brands and styles and gained tremendous hands-on knowledge from customer feedback. 

To further her styling career, Veronica reached out to  already established Stylist, Lili Henry, to train under her. Since then, Veronica has styled clients for important events, set up private shoppings and established strong relationships at every department store in order to better serve her clients.

Veronica believes that every person should feel comfortable exploring fashion and that she can provide fashion expertise to anyone, no matter size, age, or background. She is committed to doing whatever it takes to help you be the best you possible.