The importance of work appearance (even when working from home)

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  Photography: Pinterest via Jaclyn Mittman Since the pandemic started, our whole world is upside down. Our social life is limited, we are working from home, kids are here 24/7…our work-life balance is, well, very unbalanced and our sanity can be quite challenged. I get that what we are wearing at home and how we… Read More.

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Staying warm during San Francisco Summer

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If you know about San Francisco and its summer you will get why I am looking for a cozy layering piece in August. Cashmere and all other warm fabrics are a year-around staple here.  Here is my little selection of cardigans for you, I hope you will like it! x Lili   Links to online… Read More.

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(photograph: netaporter) Quarantine time… It is so surreal what is currently happening that sometimes I still can’t wrap my head around it…Well, I really hope you are doing well and hanging there. Staying at home can be hard but I believe, somehow, by just feeling a little bit more put together it can make us… Read More.

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Fall most favorite trends


Fashion is all about playing with new trends. Not everything works on everyone so my advice is to try and explore different options but without compromising to feel good about how you look.   ANIMAL PRINT     Animal print is one of my favorite pattern and I frankly don’t see it as a trend… Read More.

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Back to Business

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September is here and the feeling of a fresh start is always reinvigorating for me. During Summer, we tend to be lazy and take everything slower…which is great but vacation mode can’t last forever. This back to school mentality gets me to clean out my pantry cabinet, my closet and create lists of things that… Read More.