Summer accessories – Part II “The bag”

August 2, 2018 IN FASHION

Part II of my summer accessories is about bags! During summer I like to play with fun purses that use different colors and style. I love to use a beach bag for running errands or go to the market. In the south of France we get some really nice straw bags that we use for… Read More.

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Summer accessories – Part I “The Sandals”

July 2, 2018 IN FASHION

Summer is here (for the ones who don’t live in San Francisco)! I have been lucky shopping for clients who need a vacation wardrobe. One of my favorite thing is to shop for summer accessories including sandals… Hence to the first part of my summer accessories blog story! In summer, since you can not really… Read More.

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The Sneakers, from Casual to Chic.

April 23, 2018 IN FASHION

I LOVE a pair of sneakers. I wear mines all the time. I have a pair of white, a pair of black and thinking of adding a pink or silver one… Of course, I walk a lot because of my work but I also think  they became a timeless piece. It is not a casual… Read More.

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How to style a white tee shirt

March 9, 2018 IN fashion styling tips

I think of the white tee shirt as the most versatile and timeless piece. I just love to dress it up or down depending on my mood or the moment.  From going to work to run errands during the weekend,  below are 4 different ways I styled the white tee. I hope you like it… Read More.


How do I know my Belt size?

February 7, 2018 IN fashion styling tips

Guest Post by Charlotte Boedec  Founder of SOFRANCISCO. Charlotte is a designer who’s lived and worked in Paris, London and now San Francisco. She offer high-end, modern and chic accessories made of the finest European leathers combined with French conscious craftsmanship and sleek design. SOFRANCISCO is dedicated to offer refined minimalist accessories for modern men… Read More.

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Traveling in Style

January 31, 2018 IN Image & style

Short flight:  Prada Purse – Rosetta Getty Cardigan – Citizens Jeans        Medium flight: Crop Sweater – Topshop Pants–              Sole Society duffle Bag      Long flight: Sacai Cardigan – Lounge Pants –  Ted baker Suitcase   Comfort does not have to mean we have to rule out being… Read More.


Happy New (no resolution) Year!

January 16, 2018 IN Lifestyle

If you read this, I wish you a Happy New Year. I hope that 2018 will be full of kindness and hope.  The other day, my husband asked me what were my resolutions for the new year. Well, I came to realize that I am not good with resolutions. I feel I put unnecessary pressure… Read More.

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Favorite 2017 Fall trend Inspiration Board

October 19, 2017 IN Uncategorized

Red, metal, suits… Here are my 3 favorites trends for this Fall. Do you see the same as I see? What do these trends inspire you? I see strong, bold and confident women. I feel like with what’s happening around us, it is important that fashion inspire us to be fearless by giving us the… Read More.


Fashion rule to break : Don’t wear white after labor day

September 7, 2017 IN Image & style

I am sure you heard the rule, don’t wear white after labor day.  Back in the day, the practical reason was that white was a good color to stay cool during summer and that labor day was the tipping point of the end of the vacation. As for me, I think white is such a… Read More.

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Summer is almost here San Francisco…Dresses out!

August 22, 2017 IN FASHION

For people who like me live in San Francisco, they know that July and August are depressing… (fog, I hate you during these months) .You need to get out of the city as much as possible to feel you are in summer. BUT, occasionally, our indian summer allows us to pick out of our closet few… Read More.

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The Espadrilles – From rural casual wear to timeless piece

June 15, 2017 IN FASHION

  Summer is almost here and I am sure you saw the espadrilles back in stores. A couple of years ago it really surprised me to start seeing the espadrilles everywhere because believe it or not, this specific type of shoe comes from Spain and the Basque Country of France, where I was born and… Read More.


Buy this clothe but don’t regret it

June 6, 2017 IN fashion styling tips

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that you never really wore and regret your purchase? I often hear this complaint and  when I am with a client I only recommend purchasing clothing that you truly love. Just liking it won’t cut it! Every piece has to have a purpose in your wardrobe. Here are my… Read More.

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Fitting room tips

April 4, 2017 IN fashion styling tips

Shopping in a store, particularly in a department one, can be overwhelming and not always a smooth experience. Trying on merchandise can be the trickiest part since the fitting room is not always the ideal place to see how you really look. Lighting, getting hot, small space… I am sure you know what I mean…. Read More.

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A fresh take on jeans

March 10, 2017 IN FASHION

The jeans are more than ever one of the classics of our wardrobe. We all have our skinny jeans but frankly it started to be a little bit boring… Fortunately,  fashion designers have been revisited this timeless piece and I am so happy about that! Now you can find new ones that have interesting details, different… Read More.


3 steps to discover your personal style

March 4, 2017 IN Image & style

As a personal stylist, my goal is to help my clients to define their true style. During our consultation, we talk about lifestyle, fashion, go over their image goal and what will be our plan to achieve it. Personal style is a way to develop a proper image and get it aligned with your personality…. Read More.

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Sexy is in the air

February 11, 2017 IN FASHION

I got to say, with valentine’s day around the corner it made me think that even if we are in a relationship or not, every woman should feel sexy and I would say, pretty often. Feeling sexy is very personal and it will be defined differently from one person to another. It can be subtle… Read More.

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Winter layering pieces ~ must have

January 25, 2017 IN FASHION

Colder weather and style are not necessarily best friends and layering pieces can be tricky to play with when it is too cold outside…But winter can also be a great time to play with different chunky fabrics and create new ways to work with your current wardrobe and make it cold weather proof.   Here… Read More.

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New year. New you. Happy 2017!

January 5, 2017 IN FASHION

First of all, Happy New Year! May 2017 be full of surprises and adventures. With the new year come new resolutions. I hope you will keep them if you have any. As for me I will frankly not even think about specific resolutions because I feel like it is another way to put pressure on… Read More.

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Last minute Christmas gift ideas

December 13, 2016 IN FASHION

Final stretch before Christmas…. How do you feel? As for me, I have not even started any Christmas gift shopping. Time to think hard. Here are some gift ideas. I hope it will help and in any event  have an amazing time with your family and friends!   Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag   Around… Read More.

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November. Time for reminiscence

November 21, 2016 IN Uncategorized

  Aaaaaahh November… It is such a weird month for me. Every time I think ” What? Already!! the year is almost gone, Christmas shopping will start soon, I did not do all the things that I wanted ( we have to talk about this resolution list that most of us create every new year…… Read More.


Halloween costume from your wardrobe.

October 26, 2016 IN FASHION

Dazed and Confused, November 2013. 50s Housewives becoming zombies .   Halloween is around the corner. I am not sure if I am into it or not (we normally don’t celebrate it in France) but something that I know is when it is time to find a costume, I am running around like crazy at the… Read More.

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Fashion rule to break: “don’t wear navy blue and black together”

October 17, 2016 IN FASHION

In Fashion, I truly believe that some rules need to be followed and others need to be broken. Ultimately, I will always say to my clients to trust their gut. When they are looking at themselves in the mirror, if they think they look amazing, go for it! Style is a matter of confidence that… Read More.

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The pencil skirt. How to wear it in more trendier ways?

August 15, 2016 IN Uncategorized

Confidence begins with embracing yourself, and embracing ones curves is best way to show confidence in fashion. When I think about the pencil skirt,  I very often envision a sexy, chic skirt that hugs your hips, and highlights your natural contour. It can be a very powerful look and shows that you are a confident woman by… Read More.


Summer travel capsule wardrobe

July 16, 2016 IN FASHION

  Summer is finally here!! Hopefully we all have a beach destination or a metropolitan city trip planned in the near future. But before we can head out, most of us need to figure out what and how to pack!… That brings us to the inevitable question: “what do I put in my suitcase?” Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel often, and… Read More.

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Non faux pas guide to swimsuit

June 30, 2016 IN FASHION

The swimsuit….Where to start? I know, I know, looking for one is not always fun. It can be very frustrating to find a swimsuit that looks good on our body and it is often the time where we cry over ourselves… (why didn’t I go to the gym this past winter? Why did I have… Read More.

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The Trenchcoat

May 4, 2016 IN FASHION

Ah, the trench coat…. Where to start? From my point of view it is a piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The trench coat is chic but modern and there are so many different ones that it is impossible to not find one that will fit you. Let s first start with… Read More.


Zoom on… The vest

April 14, 2016 IN FASHION, Uncategorized

I really got into vests. There are so many different options. The military green vest, the fur vest, the denim vest, the coat vest… For me, I prefer the more dressy ones but I also encourage having a casual one (but not a North face vest!! Please!! ) since we are living in san Francisco… Read More.

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Hello Spring!

April 13, 2016 IN FASHION

I love this season. Days are longer, terraces pop up in the city, we begin to plan our summer vacations…Spring also means changing our wardrobe and putting away our coats, boots, and all our winter gear. In other words, Spring closet clean out!! It’s a part of my job to help clients with this crucial… Read More.

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April 12, 2016 IN FASHION

First things first, grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. I want you to feel comfy. I am excited that you are here because it means that you like, or even love, fashion. Great, we already have something in common… Now a little bit about me. I am Aurelie, but everyone calls… Read More.

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