Fashion rule to break : Don’t wear white after labor day

September 7, 2017 IN Image & style

I am sure you heard the rule, don’t wear white after labor day.  Back in the day, the practical reason was that white was a good color to stay cool during summer and that labor day was the tipping point of the end of the vacation. As for me, I think white is such a… Read More.

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Summer is almost here San Francisco…Dresses out!

August 22, 2017 IN FASHION

For people who like me live in San Francisco, they know that July and August are depressing… (fog, I hate you during these months) .You need to get out of the city as much as possible to feel you are in summer. BUT, occasionally, our indian summer allows us to pick out of our closet few… Read More.

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The Espadrilles – From rural casual wear to timeless piece

June 15, 2017 IN FASHION

  Summer is almost here and I am sure you saw the espadrilles back in stores. A couple of years ago it really surprised me to start seeing the espadrilles everywhere because believe it or not, this specific type of shoe comes from Spain and the Basque Country of France, where I was born and… Read More.


Buy this clothe but don’t regret it

June 6, 2017 IN fashion styling tips

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that you never really wore and regret your purchase? I often hear this complaint and  when I am with a client I only recommend purchasing clothing that you truly love. Just liking it won’t cut it! Every piece has to have a purpose in your wardrobe. Here are my… Read More.

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Fitting room tips

April 4, 2017 IN fashion styling tips

Shopping in a store, particularly in a department one, can be overwhelming and not always a smooth experience. Trying on merchandise can be the trickiest part since the fitting room is not always the ideal place to see how you really look. Lighting, getting hot, small space… I am sure you know what I mean…. Read More.

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