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If you know about San Francisco and its summer you will get why I am looking for a cozy layering piece in August. Cashmere and all other warm fabrics are a year-around staple here. 

Here is my little selection of cardigans for you, I hope you will like it!



Links to online shops (from left to right): Sablin Willa Cashmere Blend cardiganLine dot cardiganPeserico belted knitRail Camo cardiganJoseph belted long cardiganLafayette 148 Cashmere wrapKenzo mix pattern cardiganSee by Chloe long sleeve ribbed knit20.52 metallic knitSandro Paris cardiganAcne studios Alpaca cardiganMadewell Dip dye, cardigan

Red, metal, suits… Here are my 3 favorites trends for this Fall.

Do you see the same as I see? What do these trends inspire you?

I see strong, bold and confident women. I feel like with what’s happening around us, it is important that fashion inspire us to be fearless by giving us the right clothing to do so.

So mesdames, let’s put our (fashion) armor on and go out there!



fall-fashion-editorialAaaaaahh November… It is such a weird month for me. Every time I think ” What? Already!! the year is almost gone, Christmas shopping will start soon, I did not do all the things that I wanted ( we have to talk about this resolution list that most of us create every new year… seriously. Another post. But seriously.)

With Thanksgiving, November is also the perfect time to reminisce about our almost done year and be thankful. I am sure we all had our ups and downs but there is always something or someone to be grateful for.

2016 was a pretty hectic year for me with my wedding that happened in France, our extended travels (13 countries this year! Let’s try to beat that record one day), my business venture… Even if it was sometimes pretty intense and stressful, I am thankful that I had the chance to experience so many different things, cultures and meet new people.

When thinking about 2016, you got also to think about you. I feel like being in harmony with yourself is about accepting you, your body and your image. I have had the chance to work with amazing clients this year and they taught me something. TAKE ACTION.  They hired me for different reasons but they got one common goal. Feeling good about their image.

So wherever you are at with your life, take action. Make the first step. Start, try, reinvent, make, do, create. It feels so good. This year I tried. I got scared but I tried and I put myself out of my confort zone. Life is about new experiences. So jump in it!

2016 adventures





Confidence begins with embracing yourself, and embracing ones curves is best way to show confidence in fashion. When I think about the pencil skirt,  I very often envision a sexy, chic skirt that hugs your hips, and highlights your natural contour. It can be a very powerful look and shows that you are a confident woman by focusing on your curves.

If you are going to break out the pencil skirt, do it properly. Don’t just combine it with some pumps, a blouse and a blazer… be more creative.

I have a couple of pencil skirts and I always try to wear them in different, unique ways. Never be rigid with your style.

As I first mentioned, to wear a pencil skirt is to embrace your body:

tight=showing off your behind

If you are more petite, you will most likely need to add heels. I would stay away from booties. You don’t want your legs to be cut at your ankles. Better to show your ankles, so it elongates your silhouette.

Here are a couple more tips to give your pencil skirt a more casual/ unexpected look.

-Choose a loud one! Pick one with patterns, fabrics like jersey, leather, lace and bolder colors will definitely makes it less formal. However, if you have more curves at your bottom you will want to stay away from big prints.

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– Try to wear sneakers with it. It will definitely make the look more urban.

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-Tee shirt, denim shirts and other jackets other than blazers are great options to look more modern.



The last question is do I tuck in my top or leave it out?

Tucked in if:

-You want to look more polished.

-Tucking your top will make you look longer. If you are a petite or have a small torso, pick a top that is in the same family color as your skirt so your proportions will look more balanced.

-If you have a long torso, choose a top that contrast with your skirt so it “cuts” your bust and make it look shorter.

Tucked out if:

-If you want to look casual.

-If you choose a long top/sweater I would recommend to wear heels because your silhouette will be unbalanced (longer portion on top than bottom). You want to look taller so don’t let the top overwhelm your look.

Hope this helped and that I motivated you to be more adventurous with your pencil skirt!


I really got into vests. There are so many different options. The military green vest, the fur vest, the denim vest, the coat vest… For me, I prefer the more dressy ones but I also encourage having a casual one (but not a North face vest!! Please!! ) since we are living in san Francisco and layers are kind of mandatory.

Let me show you on me my full-length vest. And please notice how I am in a model pose…


Here are a couple of outfit ideas that inspire me.
lily3courtesy of instyle

lily4courtesy of bedazelive

lilihenrystylist1Courtesy of Romwe

lilihenrystylist2Courtesy of Popsugar

lilihenrystylist3Courtesy of Bedazelive