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Photography: Pinterest via Jaclyn Mittman

Since the pandemic started, our whole world is upside down. Our social life is limited, we are working from home, kids are here 24/7…our work-life balance is, well, very unbalanced and our sanity can be quite challenged.

I get that what we are wearing at home and how we look can be at the bottom of our list.  But let me try to convince you that during these unsettling times we actually need to put in the extra effort into feeling good about our appearance. 

  • Getting dressed up a bit and putting something else on other than your very cozy loungewear (talking about you, sweat pants and leggings) can motivate you to set up the right mood to “go to work” (= going to your kitchen table or home office)
  • Taking 5 more minutes in the morning to get dressed can feel like having a “me time” moment that can be precious before starting a hectic day.
  • Feeling good on how you look can give you extra confidence and can be noticed, even on zoom calls.
  • Putting on some makeup and a nice top can cheer up your moral.
  • Changing back to loungewear at night can be the signal that you are done with your workday and that you are allowing yourself to disconnect. ” I switched to my lounge clothes, I am done for today.”
  • At the moment we don’t have control over much (except elections, so get out and vote!). However, stepping up our work from home attire is something we can decide. So let’s do it and put our best step forward.
  • The image that you send to your colleagues, team… is still important. People will notice how you look. I am not saying that you need to show that you are a superwoman. I 100% believe that women have the right to set boundaries with work. We know that our mental load is way more than our male counterparts and especially right now so managers and companies should respect that. But still, the image you are showing right now, even if it is via video calls, can stick with you in the long term so we just need to be smart about it.

 Photography: Pinterest via quadrofeminino.com

I am not going to lie, even for me, it is not easy every day to dress up but when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I see that I am wearing a pretty ensemble with some light makeup on, it makes me smile (yep, smiling at myself) and I am thinking ” alright, looking good today, let’s have a nice and productive day”.

Wishing you an amazing week ahead!




I love this season. Days are longer, terraces pop up in the city, we begin to plan our summer vacations…Spring also means changing our wardrobe and putting away our coats, boots, and all our winter gear. In other words, Spring closet clean out!!

It’s a part of my job to help clients with this crucial task. It can be very overwhelming to go through your entire wardrobe but I promise, it feels soooo good when your closet is tidy and all of your unnecessary clothes are gone. As a stylist, I bring knowledge and expertise in helping identify what you should keep for your future image, all according to your body type. I try to make the process as smooth and fun as possible.


Here are a few tips I use when cleaning out a closet.

First, put all your clothes on the floor because once everything is out you will have to tidy. I know, I know, this is harsh but this the best way to force yourself to get it done.

After that pick up each piece of clothing one after the other and ask yourself:

  • Does it fit?
  • If it is damaged or stained will I take the time to repair it?
  • Have you worn it during the last year?
  • And the most important one is do you feel CONFIDENT when wearing it?

If you answer no to one of these questions, you know what to do….

Bonne chance mon amie!