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Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that you never really wore and regret your purchase? I often hear this complaint and  when I am with a client I only recommend purchasing clothing that you truly love. Just liking it won’t cut it! Every piece has to have a purpose in your wardrobe.

Here are my tips to make sure you are making the right choices:

As noted above, most important question: Do you love it?

Secondary questions:

– Do you feel comfortable in it?

– Does it fit right? If not and you love it, have alterations made right away in the store if possible   so you don’t have to bother later.

– Is it easy to take care of it and if not will you take care of it the proper way?

– Do you have other clothes to wear it with?

– Are you buying just because it is a brand you usually like or because it is on sale? If yes, keep the money in your wallet!





Dazed and Confused, November 2013. 50s Housewives becoming zombies .


Halloween is around the corner. I am not sure if I am into it or not (we normally don’t celebrate it in France) but something that I know is when it is time to find a costume, I am running around like crazy at the last minute and I will spend a fortune on it. Also, trying to find something not too sexy ( Every, and I mean EVERY costume has a racy look… You can be a nurse, a Cleopatra, a cow-girl, a bee… you will have an extra mini skirt on…)  is mission impossible. I have nothing against being sexy but more in a subtle way for me (You will see my outfit idea below hehe).

This year, I will try to create a costume with my wardrobe or buy some clothes and accessories that I can easily re-wear later. Not sure yet what I want to be, but I thought that a catwoman attire could be an easy one to achieve. Full leather look, a mask, some kitty ears headband and here you go!

What will be yours?


catwoman outfit idea

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 7.09.43 PM

Tibi Nora ankle boots –  Roksanda Izumi crepe midi dress – Givenchy Small Antigona bag  – Cédric Charlier Asymmetric crepe turtleneck top. Source: Netaporter.com

In Fashion, I truly believe that some rules need to be followed and others need to be broken. Ultimately, I will always say to my clients to trust their gut. When they are looking at themselves in the mirror, if they think they look amazing, go for it! Style is a matter of confidence that you have about your image.

I am sure you heard about the fashion rule saying that wearing navy blue and black together is a “no-no” … but for me it is a “oui oui”!!

To look on point with your navy blue – black outfit combo, don’t hesitate to mix different textures so it gives more dimension to your look.

Here is my inspiration board!



I really got into vests. There are so many different options. The military green vest, the fur vest, the denim vest, the coat vest… For me, I prefer the more dressy ones but I also encourage having a casual one (but not a North face vest!! Please!! ) since we are living in san Francisco and layers are kind of mandatory.

Let me show you on me my full-length vest. And please notice how I am in a model pose…


Here are a couple of outfit ideas that inspire me.
lily3courtesy of instyle

lily4courtesy of bedazelive

lilihenrystylist1Courtesy of Romwe

lilihenrystylist2Courtesy of Popsugar

lilihenrystylist3Courtesy of Bedazelive


I love this season. Days are longer, terraces pop up in the city, we begin to plan our summer vacations…Spring also means changing our wardrobe and putting away our coats, boots, and all our winter gear. In other words, Spring closet clean out!!

It’s a part of my job to help clients with this crucial task. It can be very overwhelming to go through your entire wardrobe but I promise, it feels soooo good when your closet is tidy and all of your unnecessary clothes are gone. As a stylist, I bring knowledge and expertise in helping identify what you should keep for your future image, all according to your body type. I try to make the process as smooth and fun as possible.


Here are a few tips I use when cleaning out a closet.

First, put all your clothes on the floor because once everything is out you will have to tidy. I know, I know, this is harsh but this the best way to force yourself to get it done.

After that pick up each piece of clothing one after the other and ask yourself:

  • Does it fit?
  • If it is damaged or stained will I take the time to repair it?
  • Have you worn it during the last year?
  • And the most important one is do you feel CONFIDENT when wearing it?

If you answer no to one of these questions, you know what to do….

Bonne chance mon amie!