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If you read this, I wish you a Happy New Year. I hope that 2018 will be full of kindness and hope. 

The other day, my husband asked me what were my resolutions for the new year. Well, I came to realize that I am not good with resolutions. I feel I put unnecessary pressure on myself. Nowadays, I see women seemingly juggling everything at once, trying to be the best at all of it, where failure cannot be acceptable. I am lucky to have amazing (super)women as clients (and men of course) and thrilled to be here to take the shopping and image pressure off their plate.  Resolutions? Not for me because it means we add more pressure to our life, but small changes, yes.

Talking about small changes, over the years, I have been more and more appreciative of the Californian lifestyle (no, I am not going to start juicing FYI) and have decided to let go of some of my bad french diet rules (bread, cheese, charcuterie every day? yes… I was a little bit stubborn about it). 

The problem is I also picked up some bad american habits, aka take out.  I used to cook, but have become a bit lazy over the years. 

I am also in my 30’s which means I can’t put all the food I want in my body and process it as easily as I used to in my 20’s.

So no drastic resolutions this year but hopefully a healthier lifestyle that will work for me. I am trying out a more mediterranean diet which means not really any restrictions but some adjustments (and it allows red wine!).

Work-wise, as a stylist, helping my clients with their style and wardrobe is my job. But for 2018 I want to introduce more ways to support them so they can focus on what’s really important for them and let me handle the hassle of maintaining an up to date wardrobe. I can’t wait to roll out new services.

Whether you decided to have new resolutions or not, I wish you a happy, balanced and healthy year!



I am sure you heard the rule, don’t wear white after labor day.  Back in the day, the practical reason was that white was a good color to stay cool during summer and that labor day was the tipping point of the end of the vacation.

As for me, I think white is such a beautiful color that can be worn all year around. I really think it is very elegant and brights up a gloomy weather. So let’s get inspired ladies!



For people who like me live in San Francisco, they know that July and August are depressing… (fog, I hate you during these months) .You need to get out of the city as much as possible to feel you are in summer.

BUT, occasionally, our indian summer allows us to pick out of our closet few summer clothes. Here a little inspiration board of city summer dresses I created to keep me waiting for September…



From left to right: 12345

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that you never really wore and regret your purchase? I often hear this complaint and  when I am with a client I only recommend purchasing clothing that you truly love. Just liking it won’t cut it! Every piece has to have a purpose in your wardrobe.

Here are my tips to make sure you are making the right choices:

As noted above, most important question: Do you love it?

Secondary questions:

– Do you feel comfortable in it?

– Does it fit right? If not and you love it, have alterations made right away in the store if possible   so you don’t have to bother later.

– Is it easy to take care of it and if not will you take care of it the proper way?

– Do you have other clothes to wear it with?

– Are you buying just because it is a brand you usually like or because it is on sale? If yes, keep the money in your wallet!




Shopping in a store, particularly in a department one, can be overwhelming and not always a smooth experience.

Trying on merchandise can be the trickiest part since the fitting room is not always the ideal place to see how you really look. Lighting, getting hot, small space… I am sure you know what I mean.

So, how to make the most of this sometimes uncomfortable experience?

-First, make yourself pretty. Not kidding. If you look at yourself in the mirror and you think you don’t look your best, your mood will suffer and you will not particularly be open to the clothes you are trying on. The lighting is often bad in fitting rooms, so I can’t emphasize enough what a little bit of make up will do for your overall outlook.

– No empty stomach. Who can really think straight when hungry? And water. I always bring some snacks and water at my appointments with my client. It is a nice touch and I want them to be as comfortable as possible.

– Wear the right shoes! Ask the sale associate to bring the appropriate pair of shoes for you to try with your new clothes. I personally always have a pair of pumps and/or flats for my clients in the fitting room. If you are trying a dress on, you really want to have a clear idea of the whole outfit. Thanks to the shoes you will really see the potential of your pieces.

– If possible, go to the store as early as possible. Mornings are often the best because the sale associates are more available and the store is still pretty tidy so you will browse more efficiently.