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Guest Post by Charlotte Boedec  Founder of SOFRANCISCO. Charlotte is a designer who’s lived and worked in Paris, London and now San Francisco. She offer high-end, modern and chic accessories made of the finest European leathers combined with French conscious craftsmanship and sleek design. SOFRANCISCO is dedicated to offer refined minimalist accessories for modern men and women.”

Since the CAMILLE Belts have launched, we have received many inquiries regarding belt sizes as people are wondering “How do I know my belt size?”.
First, the most important thing to know before answering this question is “On which part of your body do you tend to wear your belt?”
In fact, there are three easy ways to know your belt size :

1- Measure the size of your waist or hips depending on where you usually wear your belt. Some people wear it around the hips, some others around the waist. The size of your waist (or hips) is two inches smaller than your belt size.
In other words, we will add two inches to your number to calculate your Belt size!
2 – Know your pants size? We will add two inches to your number to calculate your Belt size!
3 – Measure the size of a belt you currently wear from the end of the buckle to the hole you are using. This measurement corresponds to your waist or hip size depending on where you wear your belt. Once again, we do the math and we’ll add 2 inches to that number!
It’s that easy. You don’t even have to know your belt size!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention… There is a big chance that you will change size before your CAMILLE Belt wears out 😉

Charlotte, Founder

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Winter fashion

Colder weather and style are not necessarily best friends and layering pieces can be tricky to play with when it is too cold outside…But winter can also be a great time to play with different chunky fabrics and create new ways to work with your current wardrobe and make it cold weather proof.   Here are the ones that I think are stylish and will keep you warm when it is colder outside.

Oversized wool scarf aka the blanket scarf

oversized scarfoversized scarf

oversized scarf

Faux fur vest

faux fur vest faux fur vest faux fur vest

Long cardigan

long cardigan long cardigan

Belt it to make it more form fitting.

long cardigan

I hope this selection will inspire you to add some stylish layering pieces in your wardrobe!