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Part II of my summer accessories is about bags!

During summer I like to play with fun purses that use different colors and style. I love to use a beach bag for running errands or go to the market. In the south of France we get some really nice straw bags that we use for everything. 

Have a look at my selection!

Summer bag I 


Summer bag II


Summer bag III


Summer bag IV


Summer bag V


Summer bag VI


I LOVE a pair of sneakers. I wear mines all the time. I have a pair of white, a pair of black and thinking of adding a pink or silver one… Of course, I walk a lot because of my work but I also think  they became a timeless piece. It is not a casual pair of shoes for young adults anymore.

I love how you can wear them in a lot of different ways. Dressing  them up, down,  with dresses, pants, jeans… Your choice!

If you are not sure about it, look at these pictures.

Guest Post by Charlotte Boedec  Founder of SOFRANCISCO. Charlotte is a designer who‚Äôs lived and worked in Paris, London and now San Francisco. She offer high-end, modern and chic accessories made of the finest European leathers combined with French conscious craftsmanship and sleek design. SOFRANCISCO is dedicated to offer refined minimalist accessories for modern men and women.”

Since the CAMILLE Belts have launched, we have received many inquiries regarding belt sizes as people are wondering “How do I know my belt size?”.
First, the most important thing to know before answering this question is “On which part of your body do you tend to wear your belt?”
In fact, there are three easy ways to know your belt size :

1- Measure the size of your waist or hips depending on where you usually wear your belt. Some people wear it around the hips, some others around the waist. The size of your waist (or hips) is two inches smaller than your belt size.
In other words, we will add two inches to your number to calculate your Belt size!
2 – Know your pants size? We will add two inches to your number to calculate your Belt size!
3 – Measure the size of a belt you currently wear from the end of the buckle to the hole you are using. This measurement corresponds to your waist or hip size depending on where you wear your belt. Once again, we do the math and we’ll add 2 inches to that number!
It’s that easy. You don’t even have to know your belt size!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention… There is a big chance that you will change size before your CAMILLE Belt wears out ūüėČ

Charlotte, Founder

Check out the INSTAGRAM

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that you never really wore and regret your purchase? I often hear this complaint and ¬†when I am with a client I only¬†recommend purchasing¬†clothing that you truly love. Just liking it won’t cut it! Every piece has to have a purpose in your wardrobe.

Here are my tips to make sure you are making the right choices:

As noted above, most important question: Do you love it?

Secondary questions:

– Do you feel comfortable in it?

– Does it fit right? If not and you love it, have alterations made right away in the store if possible ¬† so you don’t have to bother later.

– Is it easy to take care of it and if not will you take care of it the proper way?

– Do you have other clothes to wear it with?

– Are you buying just because it is a brand you usually like or because it is on sale? If yes, keep the money in your wallet!




As a personal stylist, my goal is to help my clients to define their true style. During our consultation, we talk about lifestyle, fashion, go over their image goal and what will be our plan to achieve it.

Personal style is a way to develop a proper image and get it aligned with your personality.  You want people to understand who you are just by looking at you.

Here is a great fun little exercice to determine what the image you want to have:

First step: Think about the future you.

  • In what purpose you want to revamp your image? (new job? uninspired by your closet?dating? )
  • How would you define your future style? Use specific words like¬†urban, classic, chic, bohemian, preppy, tomboy, minimalist… to categorize it.
  • What do you want people to think when seeing you? (i.e successful, sophisticated, creative, authoritative…)

Second step: Create an inspiration board to illustrate this future you.

  • Open a new Pinterest board. Don’t use a current one. I would like you to have a blank page because you will want a fresh start.
  • Pin about 10 pictures. Here you will want to pin pictures where you like the overall look. You don’t want to focus on the very specific details. In other words, you will not necessarily reproduce the exact outfits. The exercice is here to make you understand your personal style as a whole picture. When looking at your board you should understand your general style.

Here is an example of a Pinterest board  I put together and here some looks I personally enjoy.

Third step: Compare the words you have for your future image (first step) with your inspiration board (second step).

Do you recognize your future you in the inspiration board?¬†Is it aligned? If not, pick the images that don’t reflect the words you picked and see why in the first place you picked these particular pictures. Maybe there is a second layer of style that you need to take in consideration. You might be a mix of two styles. If so, more fun to play with!

I hope you will enjoy this little exercice! And if not, you can always contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions!



Photograph by Eileen Roche