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Shopping in a store, particularly in a department one, can be overwhelming and not always a smooth experience.

Trying on merchandise can be the trickiest part since the fitting room is not always the ideal place to see how you really look. Lighting, getting hot, small space… I am sure you know what I mean.

So, how to make the most of this sometimes uncomfortable experience?

-First, make yourself pretty. Not kidding. If you look at yourself in the mirror and you think you don’t look your best, your mood will suffer and you will not particularly be open to the clothes you are trying on. The lighting is often bad in fitting rooms, so I can’t emphasize enough what a little bit of make up will do for your overall outlook.

– No empty stomach. Who can really think straight when hungry? And water. I always bring some snacks and water at my appointments with my client. It is a nice touch and I want them to be as comfortable as possible.

– Wear the right shoes! Ask the sale associate to bring the appropriate pair of shoes for you to try with your new clothes. I personally always have a pair of pumps and/or flats for my clients in the fitting room. If you are trying a dress on, you really want to have a clear idea of the whole outfit. Thanks to the shoes you will really see the potential of your pieces.

– If possible, go to the store as early as possible. Mornings are often the best because the sale associates are more available and the store is still pretty tidy so you will browse more efficiently.







The swimsuit….Where to start? I know, I know, looking for one is not always fun. It can be very frustrating to find a swimsuit that looks good on our body and it is often the time where we cry over ourselves… (why didn’t I go to the gym this past winter? Why did I have to eat chocolate in front of the TV? Why, why, why!!!!)

Alright, first and foremost, we are not all models. We all have imperfections and that is perfectly FINE. Yes, I have things that I would like to see disappear, but it is my body and I accept it the way it is. We can all eat better and work out more, but in the end the healthiest thing we can do is have unconditional love for our body and the second most important thing…. how to dress our body!

Anyway, it was not meant to be a post about self love but it never hurts to reiterate that imperfect bodies are beautiful too.

Now that we are all pumped up on self-esteem, let’s find this swimsuit.

Here is my little guide to shop for it according to your body type.

  • If you have a triangle shape (broader shoulders)
    We will want to create curves to your bottom part.

-Have embellishment and/or ruffles to your bottoms
-No to strapless bra
-Stay away from sporty swimsuit style

swimsuit triangle shape


  • If you have an hour glass shape (curvy – have chest and bottom)
    We will want to highlight your curves and provide enough coverage.

– Support your chest by choosing an underwire, balconette or halter bra style.
– Stay away from big print that will make your silhouette look disproportionate.
– Get a bikini bottom, if you decide to go with this style, without a bow on your hips. You don’t want to add extra fabric on the side of your hip.

hourly glass


  • if you have a pear shape (bigger bottom than chest)
    We will want to balance your proportions.

-Shoose a bottom with a cut that has more full coverage
-Draw the eye up by choosing a low neckline bra with embellishments, details and/or prints
-No big print or flashy color for your bottom side

swimsuit for pear body shape


  • If you have a rectangle shape (straight figure without too many curves)
    We will want to play up your curves.

-Enhance your curves with dimensional details like paddings, ruffles and bold prints
-No sporty swimsuit look- We will want to have a more feminine style (no sporty bra)
-Swimsuits with less coverage create more curves. The smaller the swimsuit bottom is, the fuller the derriere appears.
-Well placed cut outs and monokinis create an illusion of curves.

swimsuit rectangle shape


  • If you have an apple shape (weight in the mid- section)
    We will want to define your waist and balance your silhouette.

-Swimsuit with shirring is a good option– the gathered fabric helps to create a defined waist
-High waisted swimsuit can be great to cover the abdomen.
-Surplice-wrap swimsuit will define your waist thanks to the crossover fabric.

swimsuit apple shape


I hope you found this little guide useful! Bisous!