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Photography: Pinterest via Jaclyn Mittman

Since the pandemic started, our whole world is upside down. Our social life is limited, we are working from home, kids are here 24/7…our work-life balance is, well, very unbalanced and our sanity can be quite challenged.

I get that what we are wearing at home and how we look can be at the bottom of our list.  But let me try to convince you that during these unsettling times we actually need to put in the extra effort into feeling good about our appearance. 

  • Getting dressed up a bit and putting something else on other than your very cozy loungewear (talking about you, sweat pants and leggings) can motivate you to set up the right mood to “go to work” (= going to your kitchen table or home office)
  • Taking 5 more minutes in the morning to get dressed can feel like having a “me time” moment that can be precious before starting a hectic day.
  • Feeling good on how you look can give you extra confidence and can be noticed, even on zoom calls.
  • Putting on some makeup and a nice top can cheer up your moral.
  • Changing back to loungewear at night can be the signal that you are done with your workday and that you are allowing yourself to disconnect. ” I switched to my lounge clothes, I am done for today.”
  • At the moment we don’t have control over much (except elections, so get out and vote!). However, stepping up our work from home attire is something we can decide. So let’s do it and put our best step forward.
  • The image that you send to your colleagues, team… is still important. People will notice how you look. I am not saying that you need to show that you are a superwoman. I 100% believe that women have the right to set boundaries with work. We know that our mental load is way more than our male counterparts and especially right now so managers and companies should respect that. But still, the image you are showing right now, even if it is via video calls, can stick with you in the long term so we just need to be smart about it.

 Photography: Pinterest via quadrofeminino.com

I am not going to lie, even for me, it is not easy every day to dress up but when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I see that I am wearing a pretty ensemble with some light makeup on, it makes me smile (yep, smiling at myself) and I am thinking ” alright, looking good today, let’s have a nice and productive day”.

Wishing you an amazing week ahead!



I LOVE a pair of sneakers. I wear mines all the time. I have a pair of white, a pair of black and thinking of adding a pink or silver one… Of course, I walk a lot because of my work but I also think  they became a timeless piece. It is not a casual pair of shoes for young adults anymore.

I love how you can wear them in a lot of different ways. Dressing  them up, down,  with dresses, pants, jeans… Your choice!

If you are not sure about it, look at these pictures.


FullSizeRender (2)

Summer is finally here!! Hopefully we all have a beach destination or a metropolitan city trip planned in the near future. But before we can head out, most of us need to figure out what and how to pack!… That brings us to the inevitable question: “what do I put in my suitcase?”

Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel often, and have mostly nailed down the science of packing. So I will share with you some guidelines I came up with to create a travel capsule wardrobe.

I like to travel light and always try to have only a carry on with me. So keep in mind this capsule wardrobe is for small luggage.

Just for you…Tada!!! Summer travel capsule wardrobe collage!!


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.58.36 PM

  • Make sure you pack easy to wash clothes. Synthetic tops are great because you can hand wash them and they will dry quickly.
  • All the clothes that you will pick have to be versatile so you can mix and match them to create new outfits and use them in different places (aka, cities, beach…). But what does it really mean? For most of them, you need to stay away from crazy colors and patterns. Of course your capsule wardrobe will be influenced by your destination. Mine is as neutral as possible. I can take the flower print dress or my jeans short to go either to the beach or walk around a city.
  • Pack only three pairs of shoes, knowing that the one you will wear the day of your departure is counted as one. Pick one dressier pair, walking shoes and one flat.Your departure outfits need to be maximized. When flying, I always wear jeans, a cardigan, a jacket, a scarf and put books in my purse. Did I say maximize? It is always cold in planes but also think of all the clothes you don’t have to put in your carry on… If I know I will need a big and small purse (I love cross-body ones when walking around) I just stick the small one into the big one. You put all your travel documents in the small purse so you don’t have to look for your passport, flight tickets, all the time.
  • Make sure that most of your clothes can be dressed up or dressed down. Same outfit with some heels and the right accessories and you are ready to go out!
  • Pack toiletries and make up in travel size. You can find great options at Sephora. Also, if you only need a small amount of certain products, don’t put it in a travel size container but in a lens holder.
  • Accessories will not take up a lot of space and will create a sense of new outfits. Don’t hesitate to pick bolder pieces that give an interesting twist to your outfit since the clothes you are packing are more neutral.

Best of luck! I hope your future packing experience will be less stressful!

Bon voyage!