Traveling in Style

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Short flight:  Prada PurseRosetta Getty CardiganCitizens Jeans        Medium flight: Crop SweaterTopshop Pants–              Sole Society duffle Bag      Long flight: Sacai CardiganLounge Pants –  Ted baker Suitcase


Comfort does not have to mean we have to rule out being chic and stylish. As a stylist, I have had clients who travel extensively for their work and ask me to find them elegant travel outfits. Depending on the length of the flight you will want to wear different types of clothing. For instance, I don’t mind wearing comfortable jeans for a short flight but I’d  rather be in larger pants or even wear loungewear if I have to sit for hours.

One might say that it does not matter how you look when you get on a plane but you never know… maybe you will be seated to your future clients, husband or business partner… Make the right first impression (and thank me later!)



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