Zoom on… The vest

April 14, 2016 IN FASHION, Uncategorized


I really got into vests. There are so many different options. The military green vest, the fur vest, the denim vest, the coat vest… For me, I prefer the more dressy ones but I also encourage having a casual one (but not a North face vest!! Please!! ) since we are living in san Francisco and layers are kind of mandatory.

Let me show you on me my full-length vest. And please notice how I am in a model pose…


Here are a couple of outfit ideas that inspire me.
lily3courtesy of instyle

lily4courtesy of bedazelive

lilihenrystylist1Courtesy of Romwe

lilihenrystylist2Courtesy of Popsugar

lilihenrystylist3Courtesy of Bedazelive

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